Perigueux Vintage Days 2016

Oh yes we made it - well for one of the days at least (we have an orphan cria (baby alpaca) who is on 4 hourly bottle feeds but that's another story)  after leaving friends in charge of the feeding and the swimming pool and the wine, we left in time to arrive in Perigueux for the first car parade.  Certainly something amazing, people were in period costume and the cars driving around were certainly first class

Next year it would be really good to be involved and take the Mustang - but we'll see.  There was quite a display of military vehicles as well and after a good wander around Richard got chatting to the secretary of a reasonably local club about joining up and being included in some events with the jeep, 

Perigueux vintage days - a day out from The Alpaca B&B #dordognePerigueux Vintage days - #dordogne #thealpacabnbPerigueux Vintage /Days