See what we made out of The Bread Oven

Posted: 11th March 2018

See what we made out of The Bread Oven

The Bread Oven is no more in our patch of Dordogne

Whether you’re a lover or a hater I will have to take it on the chin because yes indeedy we made the decision to rip out the bread oven.  It was HUGE, we had never used it and we were never likely to use it.  The bread oven was taking up a space of 12ft by 8ft and we decided we could put that space to much better use.  On the top of Richard’s list was ‘bring a friend’ and luckily we have one who was keen to get stuck in and have a ripping time, what we didn’t take into account was the sheer volume of rock that would have to be pulled out (over 20 tonnes) and the mind numbingly cold temperatures of February, oh and of course the usual number of unexpected hiccups along the way.

Dust… I just want to point out this is a big property and there was a VAST amount of dust created, at first I tried putting draft excluders along the bottoms of the doors and vaccing and mopping as I went, then I chose to ignore it and drink wine until it was all over and try and deal with it then.

To be honest we were expecting the packing to be mainly dirt/earth/soil so the rocks came as a big surprise, and problem number 2 was time, we weren’t going to have time to put in a window, in fact we weren’t going to get it finished full stop before Richard and Julian had to catch the ferry back to the UK.

They did get in the flooring and they did point 3 out of the 4 walls (two internal corners needed re-building more or less floor to ceiling).  Richard will be back with a log burner to install, the lighting to get arranged and see to all the finishing touches that turn an emptied bread oven space into somewhere special for a romantic meal with all the trimmings. The flooring was sourced from BricoDepot in Perigueux - after choosing some cheaper packs in Castorama in Limoges first that unfortunately when unpacked had massive holes in most of the lengths and/or splits in the lengths, a real shame but instead of taking them back we can use them when we come to insulating the floor of the gite.

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new snug at The Alpaca B&B in Dordognebread oven at The Alpaca B&B Dordognebread oven at The Alpaca B&Bbread oven at The Alpaca B&B Dordogne


bread oven at The Alpaca B&B dordognethe new snug at The Alpaca B&B Dordognethe new snug at The Alpaca B&B dordognenew dining room at The Alpaca B&B dordogneat The Alpaca B&B dordogneI promise by May / June it will be THE place you choose to have breakfast / or your evening meal.  See you soon at The Alpaca B&B love Lynn and Richard x