Halter Training at The Alpaca B&B in Dordogne

Posted: 15th March 2018

Halter Training at The Alpaca B&B in Dordogne

Halter Training

These two words fill me with dread, and not because of the weanlings they are of course stressy about it but with care and patience they are a breeze. When I first moved over I obviously spent a lot of time with the animals building trust and also learning their ways. My 2nd summer in France saw the rest of our French bound herd rock up in the trailer with Richard and Julian and everything was hunky dory.  Part of our 2nd influx were Lady Morticia and 50 shades of grey both at around six months and due to be halter trained, and the two alpacas which of course blew it for me completely, but that’s another story for another day.

Back to present time and the SW of France Alpaca group are hosting our 1st Alpaca Concours and we (Trinity Alpacas –as in Richard and me) have x 7 entries for the show.  Our own home produced Trinity Matisse has grown into a stunning dark grey male and I really wanted to show him - there’s a big “but” coming… he’s not that far off 3 years old very strong, well grown and pretty highly strung about being handled so I’ve always kept it to a minimum as it’s easy to knock me over and I don’t bounce as well as I should considering my padding. 

With a bit of weeping and wailing Christopher Sands volunteered to come down and be the initial spit inducing kick dodging bad guy of the day and I would take out the much smaller but kinder if squeally Emerys (does anyone remember this is the guy I bottle fed – not that that has helped me we never formed a tight bond, daily he came for food then left me high and dry).  So Matty had on his head collar and although he wasn’t happy and strained back against it he wasn’t all kicky and jumpy, so far so good.  Emerys who has in fact been out with me quite a few times was true to form and a little precious, small squeally noises and a little sideways jumping then he settled down nicely and off we went at a grand pace of one meter per minute.  Chris came 3 times to be the baddie and then I had to man up and take the reins and as no spitting or kicking were involved up until now just killer scowls and the threat of bad behaviour to come it was my turn.  So far so good, we haven't been going far just keeping it to bitesize activities, I'd rather have them used to accepting the headcollar and lead without any upset and getting the practice in often if not for long.  PS Today I got a whopping full force wallop on the thigh and then immediately followed by a swift double whammy to the shin from an adult female who is not even being halter trained but obviously felt bad tempered about it all anyway, that deserves a glass of wine for me this evening !!

Complete newbies to this are Matisse (adult) – Fifty Shades of Grey (adult) – Havana Gold ( 6 months) and Luna ( 6 months) and three weeks left to the show hmmm and Richard not able to help…… one pair of hands, it’s not pleasant for me in the rain so to keep it all as calm as possible I’m currently going for every other day unless the weather is bad.

The Show is being held at St Yrieix la Perche 87500 on 7th and 8th April, can you make it ?  There will be artisan stalls, food, tombola and of course plenty of alpacas, if you make it there be sure to look us up and say hello. The Alpaca B&B also known as Trinity Alpacas and yup also known as Richard and Lynn

alpaca walking at The Alpaca B&B dordogneat The Alpaca B&B dordognealpaca walking at The Alpaca B&B dordogne50 shades of grey at The Alpaca B&B havana gold at The Alpaca B&B dordogne