Free Range Eggs in the Dordogne

Posted: 24th May 2018

Free Range Eggs in the Dordogne

Free Range Fresh Eggs at The Alpaca B&B - Means we now have free range chickens at The Alpaca B&B in Dordogne, they arrived about 2 months ago and caused mayhem with the alpacas.  On day 1 the alpacas point blank refused to walk past the part of the garden closest to their coop and go into the barn, and I REALLY wish I could have caught their expressions when they did build up courage to go into the barn to find the chickens were inside sheltering from the rain.

The chickens are very pretty, we have a black one a bit of a dominatrix, called Raven (not my choice she came with that name) a brown one called Pocohontas – Poke for short and a pretty grey one not yet laying who came unnamed.  They follow father in law all over the place, if he’s out topping up hay for the alpacas they’re a step or two behind, if he goes to check the mail box the same thing and when he comes in for coffee I shoo them out as I’m paranoid about how our scaredy cat will react, bearing in mind he’s now 10 yrs old but in the past has been a bird catcher, not bad for a non-camouflaged bright ginger tom – but not what we want for the chickens. The three girls wander all around the large barn and the alpaca runs in our little piece of paradise in Dordogne, they’ve made themselves quite at home and the only problem I can immediately see apart from the obvious Mr. Fox (to be honest I haven’t seen a fox here and the alpacas are the perfect guards for the chickens)… is how do 3 hens provide enough eggs if everybody wants eggs for breakfast… I think that pretty soon the 3 may become more, so an extension will be necessary which is another addition to Richard’s list ?  On the other side of the coin, when the season slows and we maybe don’t have any guests what do we do with 21 plus eggs a week ?  Apart from the obvious scrambled / poached / boiled for breakfast I guess there’s omelettes, cakes, meringues, egg custard… and I’m sure I’ll come up with some more ideas.

Ps the guests during the last 2 months have all commented about the eggs so it’s not just us there is definitely a taste difference for fresh free range, we’re slowly becoming a luxury farmstay in Dordogne. Have you booked your breakfast.. check our availability here hope to see you soon at The Alpaca B&B in Dordogne.

 Lady Grey at The Alpaca B&B dordognebreakfast at The Alpaca B&B Dordogne Pocahontas at The Alpaca B&B small breakfast at The Alpaca B&B in Dordogne Raven at The Alpaca B&B in Dordogne  breakfast with egg at The Alpaca B&B in Dordogne