Even more plans

Posted: 17th December 2017

Even more plans

Plans for next year ?  Yes Of course !

We’re still working on our plan of being the absolute best little B&B in North Dordogne. 

Our first challenge is taking out the Bread Oven – which we know is an absolute crying shame, but we don’t use it and it is taking up the space of a small room which we want to convert into a snug off of the Breakfast Room, we can then open the ‘in between’ space and put in a log burner to make it really cosy area and far more practical for late Autumn and through the Winter, and a romantic space for two in the summer.

No.2  The swimming pool is having a complete overhaul, the liner is in desperate need of replacing, little wrinkles appeared on the bottom making it harder to keep clean, and we never liked the skimmer set-up, so a more efficient system is going in, we’re adding a gate at the bottom near the pump, so I don’t have to keep climbing over the fence, (yes Richard suggested that right at the beginning so he was indeed right)… and we’re still umming and ahhing over adding a heat exchanger to help the water temperature and increase the length of the pool season.

No.3 … Is installing new purpose built gates around the paddocks, at the moment I’m sure you remember the fencing wire arrangement we currently have that is crying out to be upgraded into a super sleek affair.  I’m sure it’s probably not normal to be quite as excited as I am about this, but as it’s definitely me that is going to benefit the most I can’t wait.

No.4 …  More flowers, more landscaping, more little nooks and cranny’s to sit and enjoy a glass of wine, the fishpond has had a facelift but it’s still missing something, we have the bench, we have fish, we have a leak. Trust me it will be beautiful with a little thought, a little waterproofing, and a few more flowers.

No.5 … CHICKENS, no cockerel just egg layers – they wont be a nuisance they'll be behind the big barn well out of the way and trust me this is going to have a knock on effect for our guests at breakfast time, which is also having an uplift with a bit more choice for breakfast.

Have I told you about the mini shelter for the hot tub ?  Richard has put together a wondrously tidy affair, for changing before or after the hot tub, a guest suggestion that we thought was a really good idea and Richard with his magic made it happen, we think is great little addition.

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