Dreams come true at The Alpaca B&B

Posted: 8th November 2017

Dreams come true at The Alpaca B&B

When I received an email from Australian CJ, I was excited I thought we had a booking, then I read the full email and must admit I was a twinge disappointed that it wasn't a booking, but mega excited at his news.  CJ's girlfriend Diana has always loved alpacas, and when he was planning their trip to Bordeaux an idea started to blossom CJ googled France alpacas - and amongst the results - found us...  This year we've haltered trained another 4 alpacas and although they may not be 100% amused when we round them up and put the head collars on they really do enjoy getting out for a walk.  This year we haven't taken them far, we've concentrated on getting them used to going out, we've got as far as our neighbours in one direction who were very startled to see us, but very supportive, and not actually very far at all in the other direction (no idea why, must be the left handednes in me).  Unless we want to take them out onto the main road, that leaves the fields next to and behind us, but that way is quite a big walk and we haven't attempted it yet.... so slowly over the winter we'll start them going a bit further afield and as long as I have pockets of treats I'm sure they'll love it.

Anyway back to CJ and Diana, with a few emails back and forth to plan the afternoon they arrived and luckily it was a super sunny day, Diana had no idea she was coming to an alpaca farm but was so excited when she arrived to meet our yearling males that were going to accompany them out for a walk.  She admitted to being a bit confused when CJ rushed them through their meal at Perigueux and instead of exploring further he wanted to be on the road again, he explained his twitchy nerves were because he was having to concentrate on driving on the opposite side of the road.

We introduced them to our walking boys of the afternoon, and off we went.  The boys were very well behaved and so was Diana.

On our way back to the paddock for the boys Trinity Stratospheric gave up the envelope he was wearing especially for Diana and she did indeedy read in French her proposal from her thoughful gorgeous musical (now) fiance as she so indeedy said yes.

What I learnt today - Romance is alive, Romance is personal,

Who I met today - Two gorgeous people who were so genuine and enthusiastic about life

What I felt today - Privileged to have been part of this couple's story

What I hope for the future - To stay in touch


Proposal at The Alpaca B&B Dordogne France

at the alpaca b&b



proposal at The Alpaca B&B 

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