Camino de Santiago

Posted: 13th June 2017

Camino de Santiago

Camino de Santiago de Compostela  

Walking the Camino de Santiago ?  It’s not necessarily a religious experience although I know it’s a pilgrimage that was one of the most important for Christians of the middle ages. 

I put my hands up I haven’t done it, I’m unlikely to do it, (I should do it – would I lose weight?) I’m far more likely to be found by a pool with a book and a splendid glass of Red…  or even showering an alpaca when the weather is too hot. The Alpaca B&B is on the Vezelay Way between Limoges and Perigueux– one of the four main routes through France to Santiago, in fact our nearest village is called La Coquille named after the scallop shells given out by pilgrims to the townsfolk, symbolic to the Way of St James.  I’ve noticed the scallop shell in some odd places, randomly in brass in pavements or on buildings, and I have behaved and not tried to dig them up, I’m pretty sure I’ve taken photographs so I’ll hunt through and see if I can find any.

We’ve met some wonderful people staying at the B&B who are ‘doing’ the Camino from all over Europe, whether walking or cycling they all have my utmost respect, not only will they really SEE France and Spain they are taking time out to smell the roses whatever the motivation, it must be a fantastic way to clear the mind and rid the body and soul of today’s life stressors.  In fact Marianne from the Netherlands left here on the 5th June (walking) and expects to reach Santiago around mid July, that’s a lot of walking, if you have no company on this journey what do you think about ? Where does your mind take you ?  It must be life changing in one degree or another…

If you are considering or in fact planning your route – don’t forget to book into The Alpaca B&B 

At the FinishThiviersscallop shell near The Alpaca B&BMile marker from us to Santiago

 Guest stayed at the Alpaca B&B walking to santiago at The Alpaca