Green and Environmental Policy

Whilst not important to everyone, we try and do what we can to reduce our impact on the environment,

I don't go as far as tree hugging but I believe every little helps.

With the renovations, we have tried to use recycled materials where we could and where we haven't been able to we have been sensitive with getting rid of the waste and clearing up.  

We have installed a new and efficient boiler to help our carbon footprint, and installed efficient mixer showers, and energy efficient appliances where possible, we have replaced a significant number of bulbs with energy efficient bulbs and will continue to replace any old style bulbs with energy efficient as we go. The alpaca use eco balls and indian soap nuts for laundry, and have been very happy with the results, obviously clean and hygenic, gentle and softer on the end result.                                                                 

We encourage a use and hang policy for towels, and do not disturb cards for bedding, all en-suites / bathrooms are fitted with dispensers and we buy quality refill shower gels, shampoos, conditioner, and body lotions which cuts back on disposable packing and bottles.                                                         

We buy bulk where possible to reduce deliveries and packaging.  

We support and our local farmers and businesses regarding free range eggs, bread, meat, fruit and veg.

We have a re-cycling policy for waste and seperate cardboard and plastics and glass.   

We also care about the wildlife, and have kept hedges and natural environment areas where possible.  We have long eared bats, which pose no threat whatsoever, owls, frogs, water vole, moles, and buckets of birds I'm still learning the names of.. of course the most prolific are the lizards which scatter as you walk outside on a warm sunny day, and an abundance of butterflies and moths, when we bought the property in November 13 it came with 2 white and brown bunnies which the previous owners couldn't catch and I'm happy to say they were both spotted October 14  so still around and doing fine, (as at today's date) err did I mention the Alpacas ? although not exactly wild are kept here in the garden.

We are always looking for ways to improve and if you can see something we're not already doing which can be easily implemented, please get in touch, and if it can be done we'll do it,

and dont forget if you want to keep up to date with what's happening, be first to hear our latest offers, sign up to our newsletter, and please tell a friend  - kind regards and warm wishes, Lynn Fletcher                                                                                                                 Cria on The Alpaca B&B in the Dordogne