St Saud

Ok so we visited in December and the trees were naked and covered the sand, but the lake is beautiful, peaceful, the car park was empty, the water was crystal clear and we had a great lunch on the way back.

St Saud, north dordogne, lake with activities St Saud St Saud, 20 mins from The Alpaca

This lake is an amazing little find  (13 ha)  for the summer, it has a food and drink concession, there are the requisite wc's, lots of car parking not that that is an issue in our area of the Dordogne, picnic benches, swimming area and life guards, lots of golden sand, in a truely wonderful area of outstanding beauty, there's lots of space to find yourself an uncrowded spot, 2.5 kilometers of water frontage - a great walk ?

St Saud 2  st saud 4  st saud 3

Worth a visit !