St Jean de Cole 

20 minutes from The Alpaca B&B / gite

This is really and truly worth a visit, included in the plus belle villages of France, and well deserving.  I've only been twice and the first time was in July (2015) in the heart of the tourist season, so we were fully expecting to have to search for parking spaces, and amazingly this wasn't the case.  It was blissfully uncrowded.  

I would have preferred my photos to have more relected the warmth of the day, but they seem to have caught the only half hour we had some cloud.

St Jean de Cole........  on the river Cole, the priory dates back to the 11th century and a church of Romano-Byzantine, unique in Perigord.  The internals have recently been renovated and because of the excellent accoustics concerts are organised, and enjoyed through the summer.  

The de la Marthonie Chateau from the 12th century has been added to a part re-built through the 15th and 17th century giving an original mix of styles.  It totally dominates the main square at St Jean de Cole, main picture above.


 st jean de cole