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this is more of a health diary..

It's September 2018 and different health issues keep nagging away, I am diagnosed hypothyroid, sjogrens syndrome, asthma, I have a prolapsed disc, am at the moment 57 years old, have seriously low vitamin D levels, too much bad cholesterol etc etc well you get the picture I'm a car crash waiting to happen.  

My last blood test results for some reason made me take notice, they were very similar to my previous blood test results and the ones before them and the ones before them, all the time getting progressively worse but as Doctors don't really say "you're a disaster - get a grip and sort yourself out"  I have tended to ignore everything as right at this minute I don't feel too bad.  However this year I have been feeling worse and worse and like I said after the last blood tests I decided it was time to act.

If you're anything like me, you read doctor Google but now there's literally the whole world thinking they're an expert and publishing opinions and unverified "facts" on the internet... with so much advice of - you must do this and you must do that  -  it makes it so much more difficult to find factual information that's corroborated by scientific fact or at the very least a qualified expert, and even when you do find this, too much of the information is conflicting so I'm still at a loss really on where to start.

Here's where I made an appointment to visit a Dietician (20th September) - who looked at my blood results and actually explained to me how bad a position I was in, and this is where the penny finally dropped that I am no longer pre-diabetic, but I am in fact now high enough over the guidelines to be classified DIABETIC so a fistfull more drugs could be coming my way OR  with a bit of help in the right direction maybe I could re-claim my life.

I was weighed (70.9 kgs)  ~  height 1.59 m   ~  and my BMI 27.8  ~  total fat 42.1%

So, baring in mind I've started these regimes countless times before, I begin AGAIN to be a responsible adult.

... next appointment is 28th January 19 with results from full blood works so I better get in gear.

31st December 18 - .............................65.9 kgs  So it seems bad habits are creeping back in, the exersize hasn't been happening.I keep forgetting the lessons I've been learning about chewing more and smaller portions and what foods i need to include every day, so once again, pull up my big girls pants and try and get control, as portions have crept up to big again, snacking has crept back in and also the wine.. oops.

19th October 18  -     week 3................. 64.3kgs  (there's a bit of a story here I haven't been that good)  4th October I was taken in for an emergency appendectomy, and after 5 days of being unable to eat had another emergency operation for infection, which set the eating back a bit more and then when solid food was re-introduced it wasn't particularly inspiring so it was more than easy to keep the actual portion sizes to a smaller size than my 70kgs size was used to.

27th September 18 - week 1................. 68.5kgs  (home scales so there is room for difference plus less clothes plus first thing in the morning)

27th September, I have tried to stick to the advice of Laurence (dietician) she sent me a report of everything we discussed, did I mention I have to cut in half my alcohol intake as well ????  Well it happened and so far so good I have, according to my food diary I took with me I am eating entirely the wrong foods EVEN though they are home cooked and not processed I haven't been making good meal choices.  Hasn't been easy but at the end of one week I lost 2 kilos, I'm hoping it's a real loss and not just the reduced alcohol. 

this is more of a farmhouse B&B diary



Well October 2018 came in with a bit of a slap in the face, I was rushed into hospital with appendicitis on the 4th October and on the 9th had another emergency op for infection, finally leaving hospital on the 17th a very warm sunny day still walking very gingerly and slowly and massively frustrated by my lack of ability to immediately crack on with washing ironing alpaca feeding hay moving chicken checking egg gathering etc etc etc Im sure you can feel my pain, not only was I not really capable of much more than holding the tv remote control but we had an electrician in and the whole of our downstairs private space was in total upheaval, husband is also still working on putting a WC and washbasin into father in law Ray's bedroom AND to add a little extra chaos to the mix the carpet fitter was laying a lovely new carpet in the twin room to bring that up to speck, we had decorated it last year but been unable to change the carpet.

We have had a couple of days with some rain, and for the first time since May the temperature has dropped to a reasonable level and I came home from hospital to see......... grass !!!  It was lovely, yes some weed in there too but what a beautiful sight and again frustrating as I want to get out and catch up with gardening jobs trimming foraging raking and I can't... so Patience Mrs Fletcher !! 


Starting this late, it's the end of September 2018 and in the B&B at the moment we have 2 French workmen, lovely friendly guests who are out all day.   Also 2 English guests, who won our donation to the Royal Navy Charity event run by Charlotte Rogers in the UK.  It's early the sun is already up and the sky is a beautiful azure blue, it's forecast to be around 27 degrees today but at the moment there is the definite Autumn freshness going on.  After a dodgy period in the egg laying department we seem to be getting back on track and the last 2 days have both seen 3 eggs, even if one hen takes delight in laying in the hay box for the alpacas not seeming to mind that they are completely thrown by this and try and feed around the edges.

This week it's time to take down the hanging baskets, feed the baskets that are still doing well, trim back and weed.

30th September 2018 starts with a stunning sunrise, and today is spit off day with the Alpacas, not that i actually want any matings but I'd like to know which if any of the females may need a bit of extra attention, our Stud male we bought to replace the stud male we bought who died within 6 weeks just really hasn't done the do - he is keen but the females keep on sitting, so actually a massive waste of thousands plus 2 wasted years of potential cria.

Meanwhile I continue to ignore my growing pile of ironing, I have emails that need answering and an advertising campaign to look at, google seems another one I keep spending out too much on with tenuous results.