Lake at Mailet

The lake at Mailet,

We visited in November and although I've never made it all the way round (just over 9kms) I believe it takes a couple of hours to walk,  there is a pathway all the way round.  On a warm sunny day to unpack a picnic and enjoy a peaceful hour or two just watching the world is a kind of heaven. Parking is easy and again because its one of my hidden gems its not likely to be crowded, just a tranquil quiet uncrowded piece of heaven.

In season there is fishing on the west and north face of the resevoir but no bathing, no motorboats and no watersports of any kind to disturb the peace and tranquility.  If you fancy a bit of fishing it's by license.

Due to its size 77 hectares it acts as a large mirror from the sky and attracts the migratory birds and I believe there's a willow built observatory hide on the bank, for bird watchers but I havent found it....

There are information points along a trail including flora and fauna found there.  If you love a good walk, enjoy nature and can manage quite well without crowds then this is definitely on my recommended to visit list !!

Lake at Mialet, Dordogne Mialet Reservoir, Dordogne lake at Mialet