Jumilhac le Grand


Evening tours at Jumilhac le Grand


Dominated by the most romantic looking fairy tale castle, this is most definitely on my recommended to visit list. 

Open every day between  June and September, and during July and August there are Thursday night tours where the castle is lit by candles and the guides are in costume, if you struggle with French at least one of the guides speak English. 

We did this tour on a warm August evening and can definitely recommend it.

Outside the Chateau in the square the restaurant spills outside and has tables in the square.  We’ve never had a bad meal there, although the chef isn’t fond of steaks ‘well done’, when we had our visit in August our waiter could speak excellent English, which may be helpful.Jumilhac le Grand

Gold panning in the area is available twice weekly during July and August and can be arranged with some advance notice at other times, it usually takes an afternoon and you’re pretty much guaranteed to take home some gold you found in the river.  I’m not saying you could make a fortune but there’s something really satisfying about finding your own!  The gold mines nearby were closed in the 20th century, but in Jumilhac there is a museum and shop newly opened giving the history of gold and selling souvenirs.

I’ve recently discovered there is a pretty 5kms circular walk with audio – available on a radio connection or downloadable as an mp3 file… I haven’t tried it yet but it’s on my will do very soon list – after all as it’s only 15 mins drive from the Alpaca how can I tell you it’s a must do if I haven’t done it.  I can manage 5kms of pretty valley walking, I can even pack a picnic and camera as there are meant to be spectacular views.

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