Trinity Alpacas our herd name registered with the bas

Alpacas are kept here, they're my secret weapon for any stress loaded day - taking a half hour out - to sit and watch them with a cup of coffee - does wonders to re-balance and calm any "out of sorts" moments, ps that's me with the coffee not them they prefer carrots or half an apple.

Guests at the Alpaca are welcome to join me at feeding time, I am more than happy to answer any questions.

I am working out some Alpaca Experience days which will include walking with an alpaca, coffee, cake, short talk and opportunity to purchase wool, fleece, socks etc if you think this is something that may lead to a serious happy moment for you, then don't hesitate - get in touch - either email me using or talk to me I love talking alpacas 0033 (0) 553 52 70 95

They Are seriously gorgeous, their gorgeousness factor goes off the scale, well in my opinion.  They are herd animals and need company they're also particulary easy to look after and care for.  They are bred for their fibre, which historically was for royalty due to the luxurious quality of the fleece.  At the alpaca most of the fibre is sent locally for processing although I do keep some back to hand spin.

Emmas Secret,  Cloudy Lass and Ibis arrived here in early May 2015 and they didn't seem to mind the upheaval the travelling or getting to know their new surroundings.

August 15th 2015 Cloudy Lass gave birth to Trinity Locomotion a male so our french alpacas became four onsite and on Setpember 5th Emmas Secret also had a boy Trinity Matisse and our french four became five.

2016 saw some more of our animals arrive and June 28th 2016 we had 2 births both boys, a fawn Trinity Emrys and a grey Trinity Tungsten, after that we had 3 more boys, Stratospheric another grey, Excalibur a black with a white face and Harvey a beige. Unfortunately we lost our prize stud which had an impact on matings and although another stud arrived in September 2016 by the time he settled in and got to 'meet' the females, we don't think we had a successful mating before it was too late in the year to carry on.

2017 and matings are ready to begin again at the end of March, there are 8 males and 6 females here now, we're one big happy family.

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Trinity Matisse at The Alpaca B&B Trinity Matisse Trinity LocomotionTrinity Locomotion 

Cria together at The Alpaca B&B, Dordogne      

2016 SHOWS

Trinity Locomotion went to


2014 Shows

Royal Bath & West show

We took two girls to the show Trinity Lady Morgana a fawn female, and Inca Heatwave a grey female.  Im very proud to say both girls came away with rosettes they both won a 2nd place in their respective classes.

in between the UK and France we missed a few shows that we would have liked to enter, but that couldn't be helped.

Romsey Show

Again we took two girls to the show this time Trinity Lady Morgana and Trinity Imprevu both fawn females, and both were in the most competitive class of the show. 

Trinity Imprevu won our first 1st place rosette

and then went on to win the Championship Sash.

Pregnant Females

Alpacas carry their pregnancy for 11 and a half months and only have single births, making a birth a special event, at the moment we have carried out carefully selective pedigree breeding for our females and hopefully should be expecting 5 new arrivals for the summer of 2015, once scans confirm the pregnancy I can update with expected due dates.  

UPDATE. 26.03.15

Four females are scanned pregnant - our two youngest and one other weren't successfully mated so they will be staying behind for mating with a top pedigree stud.  Two of our females due dates are too close to the planned move so for their safety and comfort we wont be moving them, this means only 3 alpacas will be joining us in May - they are due to arrive 8th May two pregnant females and a castrated male to look after them and keep them company, the others will join us later in the year hopefully healthy and happy to be re-united with their companions.