About Us

Richard Fletcher      us at The Fiddlers - irish bar in north dordogne


Hi, Hello & Bienvenue

We are Richard and Lynn Fletcher and between us have opened The Alpaca B&B in the Dordogne.   it all started when we had finished renovating our small cottage in the Limousin and husband said he had one more property project left in him !!!

We found this little diamond in the rough.  It needed lots of TLC, more money & time spending on it than we had, and not quite enough land for our animals, but even looking a little sad and neglected  we both saw the possibilities and were hooked.

A bit more..

Richard Fletcher

Richard likes renovating (he’s good at it), classic, muscle and vintage cars, archery, photography, model aircraft flying, his man cave, tinkering, animals, a good film, rally driving/co-driving, did I mention his cars ? He has fully renovated a 1969 Mustang cobra jet fastback, which came to us as a rusty shell on a trailer needing complete restoration.  He's hard to find, which is why we bought walkie talkies, but he puts his down and wanders off in search of a spanner / wrench / paintbrush ?!  He's not much interested in TV - BUT.... on a cold dark wet evening he can be found sat in front of the log burner with a DVD playing.....

A bit more…

Lynn Fletcher

I like alpacas, spinning fleece, card making, felting, candle making, soap making, reading, hot wax painting, nature and space to stretch my arms, and time to stop and have a glass of wine.  Singing loudly and badly if no-one is around to hear me.

We're looking forward to starting a veggie patch, well I am (although I'm told there are supermarkets for veggies) and looking after chickens.

I'm getting used to the long eared bats, the owl, more birds I can and lots I can't identify, I'm sure there's a pine martin pinching the alpaca feed supplement in the barn, the lizards and the peace and quiet.

We are very lucky to be living in one of the prettiest departments in France, an area dripping with nature, peace and tranquility, historical chateau, foie gras truffles & wine, restaurants, beautiful villages, caves, in the area of a thousand lakes and most of all.... away from the madding crowds where the roads are a pleasure to drive.