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On June 10th 1944 the SS rounded up every man woman and child in the village and 642 people lost their life in the cold blooded massacre that followed, the village was then destroyed.

What was left of the town was left standing exactly as it was that day, as a permanent tribute and museum to those who lost their life there that day.  It is an incredibly moving memorial and if you visit you can't fail to be touched by the ghostly atmosphere.

There are only theories as to what provoked the attack, one of which is a case of mistaken identity and the real target should have been Oradour sur Vayres 36 minutes south where there was an active resistance presence.

info: in January 2014 an 88 year old man was arrested in Germany and accused of being one of the SS members present at the massacre, however he was eventually released as there was no solid evidence.

Oradourexample of What can be included:-

  • day 1 collection from Limoges airport or Limoges Train Station (direct from Paris)
  • glass of champagne on arrival
  • evening meal onsite
  • day 2 after breakfast leave for Oradour-sur-glane
  • lunch suppliment
  • evening meal
  • day 3 after breakfast visit to the Military Museum in Perigueux / Or a visit to the Resistance museum in Limoges.
  • evening meal at local venue (suppliment)
  • day 4 Relaxing onsite by the pool
  • day 5 return to the airport - £679 per room

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- Included can be..

  • day 1 collection from the Airport (Limoges or Bergerac)        pick your dates choose your room                          gold panning gold panning
  • glass of champagne on arrival
  • evening meal
  • day 2 an afternoon of searching for gold
  • evening meal
  • day 3 visit a local beauty spot, lunch out payable at local restaurant
  • evening meal at local restaurant transfers included
  • day 4 return to the airport - £520 per room
  • extra days can be added

 If you'd like more information or maybe need this tweaking to fit your schedule please get in touch  0033 (0)553 52 70 95 or email me 





- Example of what we can include for you is:-

  • day 1 collection from the airport
  • evening meal
  • day 2 visiting Medieval Domme / La Roque-Gageac or Beynac
  • meals payable at local restaurants
  • day 3 relaxing onsite
  • meals included
  • day 4 to visit a picturebox pretty village where you can grab an experience on a canoe
  • meals payable at local restaurants
  • day 5 -  your choice either relax by the pool or visit a Fairytale Chateaux
  • day 6  return to airport - based on 5 nights - €950 per room

Tweakable - see how we can make this work for you, get in touch ... 




total relax & renew - 3 or 4 nights 

- included for you is:-                                                                                                                            

  • Day 1 -  Collection from either Limoges Airport or Bergerac Airport (or Limoges Train Station)
  • Glass of sparkling wine on arrival
  • evening meal at The Alpaca  
  • Day 2  -  trip - tbc either Chateau or plus belle village or your choice of an extra day by the pool / hot tub
  • evening meal at a restaurant - suppliment
  • Day 3  -  relaxing at The Alpaca, by the pool, in the hot tub, walking, cycling (can be arranged) reading, doing your own thing
  • Includes a massage per person
  • We can arrange for you a booking at a choice of local restaurants (suppliment)  / or evening meal at The Alpaca
  • Day 4  -  Return to the Airport
  • Contact Us for more information or if you need it tweaking

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